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company news about Pressure-temperature rating for flanges

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Company News
Pressure-temperature rating for flanges
Latest company news about Pressure-temperature rating for flanges

The pressure-temperature rating of the flange refers to the maximum allowable working gauge pressure (pressure unit is Bar) of the material and grade at the rated temperature (degrees Celsius). For the intermediate temperature, the linear interpolation method is allowed to determine. However, it is not allowed to insert between flange levels.

If the bolts and gaskets of the flange joint meet the relevant restrictions, and the alignment and assembly of the flange joint comply with good regulations, then such a flange joint can be applied to the pressure-temperature rating, otherwise, the pressure-temperature of the flange joint The value should be determined according to the actual situation.

The rated temperature corresponding to the rated pressure refers to the shell temperature of the pressure vessel of the flange and flange pipe fittings. In general, this temperature is the same as the temperature of the fluid stored in the pipeline. The user shall be responsible for selecting the pressure rating not based on the temperature of the stored fluid. When the temperature is below -29°C (-20°F), the rated value should not be greater than the rated value at -29°C (-20°F).

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